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Hygiene concept

From July 1th 2021, all kinds of events can take place again in the Messinghof Kassel.

The schedule of the events is subject to given restrictions in the current situation, as well as rules of conduct and hygiene, which the Messinghof, and of course guests, must observe and adhere to.

In the following, we inform you about the guidelines:


The registration of guests by using a pre-printed form is mandatory.

To speed up admission to the respective event, the form can also be sent in advance by e-mail, so that guests can bring with them, already filled in.

Otherwise, the registration takes place during admission.

• Documentation of date, time (arrival & departure from the location), name, telephone number, address, room name, chair number
• Trustworthy handling of data, in line with the general data protection regulation
• In a suspected case and by request of the health department, the data will be made available
• The data will be destroyed after 4 weeks

• Access is controlled by employees and takes place via the main entrance.
• The exit is via the main entrance.
• The entry and exit situation is regulated by signs and a people guidance system.

• The cloakroom is not accepted.
• TSeats are compulsory.

The seating is variable; between visitors of other households the distance of chairs is at least 1.50 m (3m²).

In front of the dispensing area (drinks, snacks), distance markings, signs and the people guidance system must be regarded to.

The following rules of conduct and hygiene must be observed:

It is compulsory to wear a mouth and nose protection until reaching the intended seat and when leaving the seat.
In general, a safety distance of 1.50 m must be observed. In queues (entrance) this is supported by the use of clear markings and controls.
Gatherings in both the waiting- and break time area must be avoided.
It is important to refer to general hygiene rules (cough/sneeze in the crook of the arm, regular hand hygiene, no handshakes or embraces.

The mentioned behavioral instructions are clearly visible fitted in the event rooms. The premises are regularly ventilated by opening the windows. An adequate provision of desinfectants at the entrance and the sanitary facilities in guaranteed. Mouth and nose protection is also mandatory for the staff; a briefing of the staff in the extended hygiene measures is guaranteed:

Rules of conduct are communicated.
Body contact is avoided.
It is important to refer to general hygiene rules (cough/sneeze in the crook of the arm, regular hand hygiene, no handshakes or embraces.
After each visit, the chair surfaces are desinfected.

After the event, all surfaces, doorknobs, light switches and railings will be desinfected.

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Room plan

BanquetU-TableParlamentBlockConference table
Esseground floor1534747
Anthonifirst floor right5010108
Landgraf Karlfirst floor left109161616
Friedrich Ifirst floor left52108
*Liebergtop floor left466
Glinicketop floor left971210
*Marshalltop floor right656

* only conference table possible

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